Enfamil.com Staged Nutrition Website Redesign

Enfamil is in constant competition with Similac for status as the #1 baby formula in the USA. And new and expecting moms are some of the most digitally-savvy and discerning consumers in the marketplace.

When Enfamil launched its staged nutritional formulas, we accepted two challenges: educating moms about the idea of nutrition that advances alongside the baby, and making sure Enfamil's website was adeliver a clear answer to moms looking for the best solution for their children. I prioritized and edited existing content as well as wrote new articles, all with an emphasis on brand positioning and SEO.

Enfamil Rich Media Video Banners

Crafting the video narrative was a challenge I relished. It was crucial to find a way to streamline the messaging so it was both clear to mom and acceptable to legal and regulatory review.
Enfamil Mobile Website

In 2010, we created the first mobile site in the formula industry. Designed to guide moms through the chaos of the baby formula aisle, our app delivered product information, helped moms discover the formula to best fit their babies' needs, assisted them in calculating formula amounts, and connected them with Enfamil feeding experts.
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