Share Something Juicy

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Moments in Sharing video: "First Date" and "Roomies"
When is TMI really "too much information?" When people stop sharing every amazing/revealing/miniscule/boring/inappropriate moment of their lives with the world, I guess we'll know. Until then, you can enjoy funny videos like the ones we made here, showing what it's like when oversharing goes a step (or three) too far.

*CREATIVITY site of the day
*The FWA
*One of TBS's funniest commercials of the year
"Share Something Juicy" website, social and content 
Talk about juicy! This full-blown social campaign included a website, viral videos and hilarious original syndicated content. From connecting and researching to writing and creating, it was funnier, faster and more shareable than anything before.

*2009 Webby Honorable Mention for 

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